Bilengi (Short Story & Poetries)

The story is about a gifted boy with an incredible ability when it comes to writing. His styles and selection of words set him apart from most writers. but Certain rules within his family has became a burden on his shoulder, making it hard for him to achieve his full potential


The book will carry you from his struggle to his triumph. Helping you understand his world and how he overcame his biggest fear.


And even better, discovering a lot about himself and his inner circle. giving him the strength to be the change and inspiration to others


If you’re looking for a beautiful book, Very well written
Ticking Mystery, Humour, Romantic Poetries, Family Drama and More
Then here is a book worthy for your time


A  must to read, 
Don’t just take my words for it
Check reviews


This is a one of the kind short story ever written with interesting sweet texts . Wether you’re into spending a good hour for some good reading or simply interested into improving your writing . This book got it all


I just can’t wait to see your face be brighten with smiles and laughs.


Length: 23 pages 
Language: English
Format: EBook (pdf)

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